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Time is money! The last thing a busy lawyer wants to deliberate with is the computer network. Turn the network management over to CHIPS for a team that wins its battles every time.

At CHIPS, we ensure our client's networks meet industry Best Practices, which avoids most issues from the outset. From there, we provide regular maintenance to boost performance and encourage stability. On top of that, our managed services help ensure important data will be there when needed. We help protect the integrity of case information through effective document management. We help establish the environment that accommodates and sustains our clients' practice management software systems.

Our client's networks are monitored and managed in real-time. This produces an environment where security is current, backups are successful, and downtime is virtually eliminated.

Monitoring and Management

CHIPS provides full monitoring, management, and reporting that include the following.

  • Patch management services, a critical component of protection.
  • Support for remote locations, secured and effective through enhanced security access and firewall protection.
  • User policy management that ensures only authorized users have access to critical information or services.
  • Available reporting on attempted logins and users; confidentiality of legal records.
  • Available firewall incident and notification reporting on potential breaches or security issues.

Comprehensive Reporting

CHIPS Computer Services legal computer network services incorporate comprehensive reporting that includes the following.

  • Endpoint Security
  • System Event Log
  • Data Protection
  • Software Inventory
  • Syslog and Firewall Services
  • Patch Management Status
  • Asset Management
  • Software Compliance
  • Alerts and Notifications

"As a law firm, computer maintenance and support must be done by a company that understands the importance of confidentiality. CHIPS has proven themselves over and over. CHIPS knows if the system has a hiccup before we do and calls immediately. They back up all of our sensitive information off-site and ensure its security. CHIPS understands the needs of a law firm. Thanks for the great service CHIPS!"

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St. Paul, MN

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