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Today's fast-paced medical/dental clinic is dependent on computers to keep up with the staff. Whether we're tending to a patient or scheduling an appointment, it's critical that the network and the database work smoothly. At CHIPS, our system is designed to watch for points of potential failure and alert our highly trained staff of any issues. This safeguards our clients' operations against the pitfalls that could derail a busy day!

Additionally, our managed backup and security offerings keep our clients HIPAA-compliant by not only implementing the solution, but also by providing continued follow-up to ensure its success.

Monitoring and Management

CHIPS provides full monitoring, management, and reporting that make HIPAA compliance manageable, including the following.

  • Patch management services, a critical component of protection.
  • Support for remote locations, secured and effective through enhanced security access and firewall protection.
  • User policy management that ensures only authorized users have access to critical information or services.
  • Available reporting on attempted logins and users; confidentiality of electronic medical records (EMR).
  • Available firewall incident and notification reporting on potential breaches or security issues.

Comprehensive Reporting

CHIPS Computer Services medical/dental computer network services incorporate comprehensive reporting that includes the following.

  • Endpoint Security
  • System Event Log
  • Data Protection
  • Software Inventory
  • Syslog and Firewall Services
  • Patch Management Status
  • Asset Management
  • Software Compliance
  • Alerts and Notifications

Medical Practice Audit Assistance

CHIPS has expert working knowledge of the audit process and what kinds of information auditors may require. CHIPS is uniquely positioned to support medical/dental practices with enhanced reporting features that can be provided upon request in the event of an audit.

Contact CHIPS for a free estimate and to learn more about specialized services to meet medical and dental computer network needs.

"The requirements for data encryption, security and HIPPA compliance are monitored carefully in our facility. The staff at CHIPS has consistently demonstrated a willingness to work with our software vendors to ensure that all scheduling and medical records software is functional within our network. We highly recommend Tony Chiappetta and his staff for any computing needs.

Ottomeyer Clinic, Forest Lake, MN


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