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Arm yourself with a customized security and productivity plan.

Protect your commercial-class system from outside intrusions as well as internal threats brought on by employees visiting websites and downloading viruses. With our Network Assurance Appliance plans, you get our highest level of security to safeguard the private data you’re responsible for and to keep your systems running smoothly.

Chips Computer Services can become your network operations center for a fraction of the cost incurred to build and maintain this service internally. With no upfront hardware purchase, we will oversee a network geared to keeping your communication systems at optimal speed, availability and peak performance—all for an affordable monthly fee.

Add-on modules meet your industry’s best practices and regulations.

Our clients’ networks are monitored and managed in real time. Any organization with more than five employees would benefit from a Network Assurance Appliance Plan. For example:

Business/Financial—We structure stable and secure networks that meet industry business standards and provide comprehensive reporting. Timely alerts notify you of potential security breaches.

Medical/Dental—Our managed backup and security options keep our clients HIPAA-compliant and maintain confidentiality of Electronic Medical Records. We support relevant reports for audit processing.

Legal—We help protect the integrity of case information through effective document management and confidentiality.

Non-profit—Experienced in working with third-party software for all industries, we will employ backup solutions that ensure data is protected from system failure or accidental deletion. Additional discounts for schools, libraries, government, and other non-profit agencies are available.

Network Assurance Appliance means ongoing solutions and security.

Chips will provide oversight of your network that cannot be compromised by a network user, including:

  • Monitoring
  • Adjustments
  • Backups
  • Troubleshooting
  • Replacement (if needed)
  • Policy manager
  • Detailed reports
  • Commercial-class firewall security
  • Filters against virus, spam and phishing
  • IPSec VPN capable
  • Unlimited VPN clients
  • Port and IP Address Tracking and Blocking

Put the CHIPS Network Assurance Appliance to work today. Call for more information.

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