CHIPS Non-Profit Clients

CHIPS understands that just like any for-profit entity, non-profit organizations rely on databases and specialized software that operate effectively and efficiently. CHIPS engineers are experienced in working with third-party software for all industries, including non-profits. CHIPS managed backup solution ensures that data is protected from everything from system failure to accidental deletion.

Non-profit customers enjoy a $10 discount on CHIPS' already affordable rates. Most non-profit organizations utilize CHIPS' Direct Response Solution Program for additional cost-saving opportunities and downtime elimination.

Our Network Assurance Appliance also offers additional discounts for schools, libraries, government and other non-profit agencies that need to keep their Internet connection secure.

Monitoring and Management

CHIPS provides complete monitoring and management that includes the following.

  • Patch management services, a critical component of protection.
  • Support for remote locations, secured and effective through enhanced security access and firewall protection.
  • User policy management that ensures only authorized users have access to critical information or services.


Comprehensive Reporting

CHIPS Computer Services network services incorporate comprehensive reporting that includes the following.

  • Endpoint Security
  • System Event Log
  • Data Protection
  • Software Inventory
  • Syslog and Firewall Services
  • Patch Management Status
  • Asset Management
  • Software Compliance
  • Alerts and Notifications


Contact CHIPS for a free estimate and to learn more about specialized services to meet the computer network needs of non-profit organizations. 

“As a non-profit organization with increasing technology needs, CHIPS has provided the cost-effective solutions we have needed to stay viable and progressive. Their response time has been exceptional, their monitoring services have prevented a lot of downtime, and their back-up systems have minimized our risks for lost data. Without hesitation, we recommend CHIPS Computer Services."

Kris McNally, Co-Executive Director, Industries, Incorporated



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