Remote Back-up Solutions

Worried about viruses? Failed hardware? Malicious attacks? Computer theft? Looking for peace of mind?

Better business data protection is one step away with CHIPS Computer Services. CHIPS offers fast, affordable, remote (off-site) backup for every business computer network. A solid backup is essential to everyday productivity, and backup is the cornerstone of a good disaster recovery plan.

  • Safe and Secure
  • Theft Protection
  • Damage Protection


With a fixed monthly fee and no hassle, an entire network of business computers is protected from disaster. CHIPS Remote Backup is less expensive, and more reliable than tape backup systems.

  • Backup running Exchange and SQL databases.


  • All files are encrypted and compressed, with only one protected key.
    • Sensitive business data is inaccessible – even to the storage facility administrator
    • State-of-the-art software using military-grade encryption
    • HIPAA-compliant encryption (PDF)

  • Extremely reliable encryption algorithm.
    • 256-bit Twofish algorithm has defied attacks and has earned National Institute of Standard and Technology recognition.


CHIPS sets up the remote backup system and monitors its success daily. If there's ever a problem, CHIPS will provide immediate assistance. Backup sets run automatically; day-to-day worries disappear, no matter the type of business or organization.

Non-Profit · Medical/Dental · Legal · Financial

CHIPS brings a highly qualified customer support team to every remote backup system. If any problem arises, one call puts CHIPS experts to work resolving the issues. Call or e-mail today for complete information.

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